HID Converted Driving Lights

HID Converted Driving Lights

We supply a range of your favourite Driving Lights aleady converted to HID in either 35W or 55W with 4300K or 6000K Bulbs. These HID converted Driving Lights are professionally put together by Predator Lighting in Brisbane. The result is a professional job on a high quality driving light transformming them into a pair of amazingly brilliant performaning driving lights usually doubling the range and tripling the amount of light produced.

High intensity discharge lights produce about 3 times as much light while only drawing about 1/3 to 1/2 of the power of Halogen lights. Despite these two very important factors there is also one other very significant point as to why you should choose HID in your next lights. HID produces a light that is similar to daylight making colours, detail and viewing much better and easier at night, also significantly reducing eye fatigue and strain.

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